KSL Event Planning Guide

The purpose of this form is to integrate events into library workflows and can help you and the Administrative Services Team plan ahead and budget for your event. Additionally, if your AUL has not already approved the event, this gives them the opportunity to do so. Based on the information provided in this form the Admin Team may be in contact to further discuss your needs. This form should be submitted, at the latest, ONE MONTH prior to your event to ensure that your needs can be accommodated.

* is required

Purpose of Event:

Is this event tied to a strategic initiative? *

Event Location and Accommodations

If the event is at KSL, a member of the Admin Team will reserve a room. If the event is being held outside of KSL, the Event Coordinator is responsible for securing the space. More info on campus rooms. 

Where will the event be held? *
Will this event be held in person, online, or in a hybrid format? *
Will the meeting space require a change in setup? *

Depending on the type of changes and the meeting space, University Movers may have to be used.  They charge $50 per person, per hour (generally 3 people work at one time).

Do you require A/V equipment? *
If yes, what are your A/V needs? Please list any equipment you may need. Note: additional costs may apply, depending on your equipment needs.
Do you require tech support for your AV requirements?

If your needs are beyond what the library can accommodate, Media Vision may be used. Please visit this link for their rental pricing.  


If catering is required please see the Catering Guide for vendor options and sample menus.

Will the event be catered? *
What kind of catering will you need? (Check all that apply)
Will alcohol be served? If alcohol is being served, event security may be required. The request must be submitted at least seven business days before the event. The Admin Team can be contacted for assistance with security needs. *
Will KSL need to provide any catering supplies (linens, cups/plates/silverware/napkins, etc.)? *
Will giveaways be handed out at the event? *
Will you need decorations purchased? *

Communications, Outreach & Marketing

Will this event need to be added to CampusGroups once approved? *
How should this event be communicated to campus? Arrangements may need to be made to discuss marketing for your event. *
Will photography be required? *


I agree to provide the total number of event attendees within 72 hours of the completed event to assessment at kslcgevents@case.edu *
Will you need an Event Card Reader to swipe in attendees? *
Are you interested in conducting an assessment survey after the event? *

Guest Services

Will hotel or transport accommodations for event speakers/attendees be required? *
Will your guests need parking accommodations? *

Budget Considerations:

Please review the ENTIRE form to get a complete idea of your event's budgetary needs.

How will the event be funded? *
Are you working with other campus partners on this event? *